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How To Make Her Want To Kiss You?

What’s up man?

I just got an email from my friend Joshua Pellicer
saying he’s gotten a little over a hundred emails
from guys saying “thank you” for sending them
the video the other day.

He definitely knows what he’s talking about, doesn’t he?

He told me that today, he shot another video
teaching a technique that he’s never taught anyone
before. We all have our favorite little tricks-of-the-trade
but if Joshua says he’s got a secret one, I’m super
curious to see what it is.


If it’s anything like he briefly hinted at in the email
he sent me, it’s going to be one hell of an effective
and easy to use technique. Apparently it’s a sentence
that you can say that will make a woman want to kiss you.

I’ve heard a rumor about this before but I’ve never heard it
from the horses mouth. Check it!


and I want you to know the secrets that Joshua has to
offer you. I want you to use your body language to
intrigue women from across the room. I want you to
use the Rapport Formula to connect and build a
strong emotional bond with her.

I want you to tweak your beliefs so you don’t have
to feel like you’re ‘faking’ being confident
around any woman.

It’s really all about taking it to the next level. It’s about
’rounding out your skills’ with women.

And if you’re hitting a wall with women that you can’t
seem to get past (happens to ALL of us, I promise), then
this will be like a little boost to help you over to the other side.

I don’t want you carrying around that feeling in the
pit of your stomach that things aren’t “ok” – you know
exactly what I’m talking about if you feel it (and I know
it because I’ve been there too).

Most of Joshua’s students have paid thousands of
dollars to learn techniques like this one from him and
he’s giving it out to you in video form (which is awesome),
so check it out now:


This video will disappear in a few days so watch it all
the way through. Joshua’s got such an amazing way
of explaining the most complicated techniques for
attracting women in the simplest and easiest way imaginable.

You’ll get some secret knowledge from this video that
most guys can’t even grasp – trust me.


Chat soon,